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StandardsPacific Gas and Electric Company knows that teachers possess the power to enlighten students. We also know that any worthwhile effort requires commitment and resources. That’s why we’re glad to offer you FREE educational materials.

Our materials teach students one of life’s most important lessons, the safe and responsible use of energy. Students will enjoy learning through books that are full of fun and interesting activities, experiments, stories, and facts. Additionally, our books address state science and health content standards, and reinforce math and reading skills.

For comprehensive, easy-to-use class lessons, be sure to download our companion teacher’s guides and pre/post tests.


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Aunt Sarah and the
Amazing Power



Grades K-2

This beautifully illustrated storybook about safety tells a tale about three lovable kittens and their Aunt Sarah, and introduces the benefits of electricity and natural gas.

Stay Safe Around Electricity and Natural Gas



Grades 3-4

This book combines essential electrical and natural gas safety basics. The learning is fun, with challenging puzzles and age-appropriate word games. Contains valuable content regarding gas leak and hazard recognition, response, and prevention.

Electrical & Natural Gas
Safety World



Grades 4-6

This imaginative activity book helps teach mandated science concepts while powerfully reinforcing electrical and gas safety messages. Content includes energy distribution, renewable versus nonrenewable resources, circuitry, and conductors and insulators.

Mundo de seguridad de la electricidad y el gas natural



Grades 4-6

"Electrical & Natural Gas Safety World" in Spanish.

Zap! Play It Safe Around Electricity
& Natural Gas



Grades 5-6

Kids learn about electric and natural gas safety with exciting stories, colorful graphics, real-life testimonials, and fun activities in a magazine-style activity book. Discover how a circus keeps fans electrified but safe. Go undersea to hunt for sunken treasure, protected by GFCIs. Find out how natural gas is distributed.

Science and Safety of Electricity
& Natural Gas



Grades 6-8

This book offers the right mix of games, quizzes, stories, and fun facts to hold the interest of middle school students. It includes experiments and activities about electrolytes, conductivity, and static electricity, as well as the electric and natural gas safety tips that are most pertinent to this age group.


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